Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension Project Lafayette Station Site Improvements

Client: Valley Transit Authority (VTA)
Location: San Jose, CA
Start Date: 2015
Completion Date: Ongoing

AVA’s Role

AVA is responsible for Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering for the rebah design of BART’s Lafayette Station Site improvements.  The objective was to enhance the efficiency of the site and customer experience, and meet Low Impact Development (LID) objectives.


The Design Objectives were as follows:

  • Site Surface Rehab and Intermodal Improvement
    • Resurface the deteriorated paving
    • Improve vehicular queuing (kiss&ride)
    • Improve pedestrian visibility/access to station from Deer Hill
    • Improve trash enclosures
    • Comply to current ADA parking stall requirement
    • Provide ADA compliant connection to upper parking lot
    • Replace substandard bus stops with new shelters
    • Improve clarity of station entrance from city streets
    • Provide legible site circulation
  • Low Impact Development
    • Provide effective storm water treatment
    • Satisfy MS4 permit requirements
    • Provide educational signage
    • Enhance landscaping

The project is currently in construction have met the design objectives and with stakeholders approval.