About Us


Anil Verma Associates (AVA), Inc. was founded in 1985. It offers clients a complete range of Architectural-Engineering services from development of initial project concepts and budgets to engineering, construction management, and turnover of completed facilities. Our primary office is in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. In addition, we have branch offices in several U.S. and international cities.


AVA has designed and managed the construction of many large transportation and civil projects in the United States and internationally. Foremost is our Rapid Transit expertise that is demonstrated in our portfolio of major Rapid Transit System Projects in Los Angeles / New Jersey / New York / San Francisco / Sacramento / Seattle / San Juan, Puerto Rico / Guam and other cities world-wide.

AVA project values, in both the public and private sectors, have ranged from several millions to billions of dollars in construction costs. We have worked, from inception to completion, in traditional client/consultant relationships, and have adapted to diverse project parameters, whether it is for design-bid-build, design-build, or fast track turnkey forms of contract with major construction companies. Our portfolio includes:

Master Plans and Buildings

  • Civic & Municipal
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Cultural & Recreational
  • City Planning
  • New Towns
  • Residential
  • Transit Stations
  • Multimodal Centers


  • High Speed Rail
  • Commuter Rail
  • Heavy rail
  • Light Rail
  • Monorail
  • People Movers
  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Highways / Bridges

International Expertise

  • Architecture & urban Design
  • Transportation Planning
  • Engineering – Civil / Structural
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Program Management
  • Construction Management
  • Project Controls
  • Construction

Client Relationship

AVA is closely attuned to the needs and goals of its clients, with emphasis on cost-effectiveness and project quality. This reflects our belief that any project ultimately has to establish a functional, coherent, efficient and attractive physical environment which contributes to the overall unity of the surroundings, and is acceptable to public agencies and the community. By active communication with our clients, we avoid blind alleys, and so preserve valuable time for developing the best analytic and design ideas.

This multidisciplinary firm is dedicated to planning, cost-effective design and engineering, and construction implementation, in direct and specific response to the client’s needs. We recognize and respect the need for a balance between proper analysis, design expression, and economic viability. Every project, without exception, is taken as a challenge.