Auburn Commuter Rail Station, Phase II Pedestrian Bridge

Client: Sound Transit
Location: Auburn, Washington
Size: Bridge length is 174.5 sq. ft.
Cost: $1,500,000 (Bridge)
Completion Date: 2002

AVA’s Role

Anil Verma Associates, Inc. was the Prime Consultant and Master Architect for this Commuter Rail Station and Transit Center. Phase I consisted of all commuter rail related structures, such as the canopies, platforms, bus drive, trackwork, signals, signage, etc.  Phase II was the design and construction of the pedestrian bridge and the development of a 600 car six-story parking structure.

This received the “Vision 2020 Award” by Puget Sound Regional Council.


The pedestrian bridge was designed in the context of the existing station structure and future parking structures and retail amenities.  AVA used computer graphic techniques to seek approval for their design of the bridge from Sound Transit, City of Auburn, Metro, the Citizens Task Force, the Arts Commission, and others.  Context, color, texture, material, forms, scale, etc. were exploited through computer graphics and played a significant role in this community approval process.  The bridge structure responds in architectural form with the Phase I architectural form of the station structure.